Applying for a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage

I received a letter from First Direct Lending ( attached ) offering me a refinance with cash out. I called and spoke to XXXX XXXX . I explained I wanted a cash out loan as I have credit card debt and am having a hard time paying them on time. My goal is to pay off all debt except the house payment as I plan on retiring in 3 years and my social security will meet the house payment. The house payment has never been late the home is not in default. I made it clear I do not presently live in the home and I was only interested in this loan if a cash out to pay existing debt were possible. I also advised that my credit was not so hot income to debt is high and I am falling behind in credit card payments.My bad credit should reflect only two things 1 ) do I qualify 2 ) at what interest rate. I also stated that to cash out, it was acceptable for the house payment to increase upward to {$1400.00} a month as social security payments to begin in three years would meet that amount. I was not called and advised or emailed and advised that I did not qualify. I received the loan documents ( attached ). 1 ) the stated value of property is {$180000.00}. They did not offer me the loan of {$160000.00} with cash out stated on the letter or a loan near the value mark with cash out, they only offered a loan of {$150000.00}. 2 ) Closing costs for this loan far exceed the typical 2 to 5 % charged. The closing costs are added to the loan. 3 ) My pay off on the current mortgage is {$130000.00} and this new loan amount funds only the extremely high closing costs 4 ) this loan increases my house payment yet it does not better me, it in fact only betters the loan company since they intend to transfer the mortgage as stated in the loan documents. 5 ) the interest rate is the same as I am paying now. All I get out of this is not paying one house payment ( {$1100.00} ) for which my new payment will be {$77.00} more per month for 30 years. {$23000.00} excluding interest over the life of the loan to skip an {$1100.00} payment. 6 ) I made it very clear I do not reside at this residence yet the box marked ” primary residence ” is checked for my signature. 7 ) this loan increases my income to debt ratio when the entire point was to cash out and pay down debt. I think that the documents attached speak for themselves. Predatory lending, loan sharking ( {$23000.00} to skip an {$1100.00} payment ) and elder financial abuse. I emailed XXXX XXXX with my concerns, he has not responded.

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