Attempts to collect debt not owed

I paid a Gap Visa bill in XXXX XXXX on the phone via XXXX Credit Card Customer Service. I double checked my account online to make sure the bill had been paid and my balance showed XXXX . Then, I received an email about an overdue bill charging me late fees. I called Synchrony Bank who manages this credit card and they said my payment was denied because of a problem with my checking account number. I asked that the late fee be waived since I was not notified of this problem and Synchrony Bank would not even consider waiving the fee and just demanded I pay them the debt which had since accumulated several XXXX dollars by the time I received the email. I am hesitant to pay because I have had to call customer service about XXXX times now for this XXXX charge and keep getting emailed about the same bill needing to be paid only now with additional costs of late fees. I ‘m afraid to pay Synchrony Bank because it seems like a scam, they do n’t have any of the facts about my account, and are rude and abrasive on the phone. I am now getting notices that I owe {$250.00} in $ XXXX /billing cycle late fees which have been piling up since XXXX despite my attempts to resolve the issue. Gap shut down my credit card and wo n’t take any of my calls. I ‘d like to dispute this debt and make sure my Gap Visa is entirely shut down as I ‘m worried this experience is damaging my credit score. Please help!

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