Attempts to collect debt not owed

I have b een discharged of my debt obligation to SPS Portfolio Servicing for ov er 2 years now. I have legally removed my name from the property deed and title, and mailed proof of such to the bank and conveniently one department does n’t communicate with the other and claims such documentation does not exist … and its public record. The only person on the deed and title is my ex wife, but she was NEVER AND NOT on the mortgage loan in any way what so ever nor is she financially obligated to the mortgage company at all. The bank obviously has a lien against the property until sold. SPS sends me monthly mortgage payment coupons and statements as if I were a current customer, with updates as to what ‘s owed, back taxes owed to them and how much to pay them, what the current escrow balance is and how much I need to pay to make it current, also sends me statements of what I owe them as far as home owners insurance they purchased in my name, and the balance they claim as I the ” debtor ” owes them … and it goes on and on … HOW DOES THAT WORK … WHY DOES THE BANK CALL ME THE ” DEBTOR ”? When I was by law … been released of the debt and the title of ” DEBTOR ” I ‘m being HARRASSED relentlessly, I WANT TO SUE and be compensated for every piece of correspondence they sent me, SENDING ME INTO XXXX , AGRAVATION, sleepless nights wondering if or what they might try … mess with my wages, my job, I do n’t know how far they will go??!!! Once I lose my job, or wages … it would be ages for me to recover, even if they were at fault in doing so to me … They wont stop..I told them many times. The last statement they sent me shows them claiming a balance of almost a XXXX dollars, OMG … from an original balance of {$460000.00}!!! TRY HAVING THAT ON YOUR MIND!! lastly, they claim the property was surrendered, THIS IS NOT TRUE, THE PROPERTY IS NOT MINE TO SURRENDER. THEY LIED.

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