Attempts to collect debt not owed

My husband and I rented an apartment in XXXX , Louisiana at XXXX XXXX Apartments. Due to some critical health issues we had to move and relocate. We had a bill of {$490.00} which were n’t able to pay right away. Upon checking our credit reports we notice they were reporting the {$490.00} and another unknown charge of {$750.00} to our credit reports. I contacted XXXX and their management company XXXX and spoke with their offices who confirmed they received the money I even received an email through XXXX from XXXX of the former manager admitting she received the pai balance, and I was told to contact the collection agency. I contacted the collections agency PRO COLLECT and told them I did pay the balance to XXXX and had the proof, the manager and representatives I have spoken to their have been rude and disrespectful. I explained to them I am currently ill and awaiting a XXXX XXXX and I wanted to resolve the situation, I asked if there was a certain kind of documentation they needed and they responded with screaming pay the money. I have provided letters from the bank copies of check, money order slip and a printed receipt with their header confirming the apartment complex received the money. I EVEN HAVE A LETTER FROM THEIR BANK!!!!! And they still refuse to delete this negative account from my credit report. Please help me, the stress is too much.

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