Attempts to collect debt not owed

I am filing this complaint in regards to a XXXX XXXX collection that is on my credit report. The account is being collected by Receivab les Performance Management. I will say that Receivab les Performance Management was not mea n, but they are collecting this phony debt and placing it on my report so I ‘m not very happy about it. The reason I am filing this complaint is because I do not owe XXXX XXXX any money. When I did have XXXX XXXX , I had nothing but trouble with them. They promised me service with a specific package. I never received the package I was promised. Furthermore, When I had service with them, they had me on a package with a certain contractual dollar amount. That dollar amount was honored for 1 of the 2 years I was under contract. After 1 year, they raised my fee by nearly double!!! After they raised my fees by double I would call and ask for an explanation. No one could ever explain to me why my service was not good and why they were increasing my rate! After a while I was sick and tired of the excuses and not being provided the service I was promised so I told them that they broke their own contract and that they needed to pick up their equipment and stop any further services. They did so. Never once did they attempt to send me a bill or any notice stating that I owed money afterwards. Not only that, but they withdrew money from my wife ‘s debit card without authorization! I had to fight them for over a month before they refunded the money back since they had broken the law! Now that I am going to check my credit to make sure I am qualified to go buy a home, I notice that the account is on my credit report. I call the company that is reporting it which happens to be Receivabl es Performance Group. I in form them of the entire situation. I tell them about the bad service from XXXX XXXX , the breaking of a contractual amount by XXXX XXXX ., their ineptness at explaining an increase in fees, their illegal activities in withdrawing money that was not authorized or owed, the failure to communicate with me in any way, shape, or form about any ” balance owed, ” and the fact that my otherwise perfect credit is being blemished by this fraudulent account. I even go out of my way to state that because I would rather not waste any time in fighting this debt even though I have every right to do so, I would simply pay the debt if it would be cancelled back to the creditor and removed from my credit report because of all the violations and lack of communication about this account to me. Receivabl es Performance refused. They stated that they would forward my dispute to XXXX XXXX and let them decide what they would do with the account. I even spoke with the offi ce manager XXXX XXXX about this. Because XXXX XXXX . had no remorse in doing what they did to me, I have absolutely no faith that they will see this account and acknowledge that they are in the wrong. I even told XXXX XXXX Trip this over the phone. I think that what they are doing is wrong and outright illegal. They are attempting to extort money from me and are coercing me by blemishing my otherwise perfect credit history with this. The problem is that even if I did pay this it would still stay on my credit report as a paid collection and therefore still tarnish my perfect credit history. I refuse to allow that to happen. If need be I will talk to an attorney and sue all parties involved in this. Please help me. This is unfair and I would like you to look into this matter and these companies business practices.

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