Attempts to collect debt not owed

Previous complaint XXXX regardi ng USAA. I had been a customer of USAA for many years. In XXXX I went through a divorce and was financially devastated. I had an auto loan and a credit card with USAA that I could no longer afford to pay. They auctioned my car and I was responsible for the remaining balance. After a long period of time, accounts went to an outside collection agency. I dont have the name of the agency but I worked with them to settle both debts. It was VERY CLEAR these were settlements, not payment plans as I knew they were done when all my payments were made. I believe it was XXXX when my payments began. My name at the time these debts were incurred was XXXX XXXX . The only other information I have is XXXX USAA account number ends in XXXX and the other USAA account number ends in XXXX . I paid both debts faithfully, auto deducting from my checking account bi-weekly. I have evidence from my bank that every payment was made and the last payments made were XXXX XXXX . In XXXX XXXX , I got a call from a collection agency regarding this SAME DEBT. I advised these had been settled and paid as agreed. They said they had not and they would continue to collect. I do n’t have any of the settlement paperwork since I have moved my home and thought it was over. Now, both of these balances are accruing interest every month and reporting > XXXX days past due every month. I paid these accounts per our agreement and I need the credit bureaus to be reported as such and STOP TRYING TO COLLECT ON DEBT I ALREADY PAID!!! This is illegal!!

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