Attempts to collect debt not owed

Sunrise Credit Service, f rom NY, has been calling my home for a month a dozen times a day beginning at XXXX XXXX until XXXX XXXX . On three occasions I have answered the phone and explained to the debt collector its not my debt of {$67.00}?? to XXXX XXXX XXXX . My name is the same but wrong address ( lived at my current address for the past 16 yea rs ) an d I have never ordered anything from this company. The second time I spoke with a collector I was told my name and phone number would be removed from the call list and then again at XXXX X/XX/2017 they called again. Sick and tired of my phone ringing all day and being harassed for a debt that does not belong to me! Their tactic must be to harass everyone with the same name until someone cries ” Uncle ” and pays up to stop the phone calls.

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