Attempts to collect debt not owed

This is an old Secured XXXX XXXX card from XXXX , it was sold by Midland fu nding, whom can not verify this account as I was told it was sold an d i would have to deal with the purchaser. Midland Funding can n ot verify this debt and XXXX has no right to charge off a Secured Card and refuse to help. I will not deal wit h Midland Funding because they have no agreement from me to take over th e account and the balance also has interest added to it, they can not charge me interest on a charged off account, I did not apply for this card through midland funding and as they do not have my application, they have no authority to collect this debt, they are not a Bank and i have no agreement with them. they reported this to all credit Bureaus as a charged off collection account, yet they have no authority to report it and they know this debt can not be reported by them as they can not prove i owe THEM! XXXX told me Midland Funding Bought this account, but i do n’t recall selling it to them. and since they can not send me a copy of my application, the y need t o delete this from their files. it is nearing 7 years old, s o it should be removed anyway but i want them to know they have no rights to collect a debt secured by my savings account.

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