Attempts to collect debt not owed

There is a credit card from a company called Swiss Colony on my credit report, an account fro m XXXX /2010. This a ccount was not opened by myself, I had never heard of this company before this. I have repeated that over and over to them when the phone calls and collection letters started coming shortly after that date. I have disputed it with XXXX and XXXX all to no avail. I did receive a XXXX page letter fr om Swiss Colony asking for all na mes of who could of possibly opened the account in my name and then I was to have it notarized and mailed back. It could have been anyone. Where would I even begin? an ex boyfriend? XXXX of my XXXX XXXX XXXX sisters? The nasty neighbor XXXX doors down who doesnt like XXXX or dogs? I have XXXX dogs. They wont tell me if they have my signature for whatever was allegedly sent. I am trying desperately to clean up my credit so that I can purchase the home I have rented for almost 11 years and is now for sale due to land lords passing. I want this ridiculous nightmare over by having this removed from all XXXX credit reporting agencies. I will state again, this is not my account!

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