Attempts to collect debt not owed

On XXXX XXXX , 2017 i re ceived a phone call from Tower Loans ( I have a loan from them since XXXX 2017 for a be d i bought ). The woman on the phone did not identify herself but I knew it was Tower Loans from the Caller ID. She said ” Why do n ; t you cone in today so we can give youa {$1000.00} loan. ” I said not hank you aI already have a lo an I m pa ying you. She then said, XXXX XXXX you ned to come in and pay your past due amount. ” I said I do not have a pass due amount, Iit is not due until XX/XX/XXXX . She argued with me and said no it was pass due on XX/XX/XXXX .I said ” No, I am looking at paperwork and it explicicty says XX/XX/XXXX ” my sone was near me as I had phone on speaker, so he heard the whole conversation – she said ” Ma’am you need to come to XXXX XXXX now and pay your late payment? I was then in tears and said i can not do that and cross the bridge at my age. I then heard someone in the background say – Oh you have the wrong account! My son then jumped on the phone and demanded they make an apology to me for harassing me. The manager refused. He said we will apologize for making her upset but not apologize for harassment. That ‘s my case. I have never in my life been late in a payment, I ‘m XXXX years old, a nd always make payments on time and to be treated like this to a customer. Originally I only wanted an apology for harassment, now I want monetary damages. I hope they kept tapes of the phone call. It will prove my point

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