Attempts to collect debt not owed

This is reference to Case No. XXXX previously filed with the CFPB.

Overview : Since XXXX XXXX , PORTFOLIO RECOVERY – a debt collector company, continues to place on my Credit File with XXXX and XXXX . I will dispute the debt, requesting validation of the alleged debt ( or the name of the Creditor they are attempting to collect the debt ) and PORTFOLOIO RECOVERY will delete from my Credit Files, then two months later they will placed the alleged debt back on my Credit Files. I have sent numerous letters via Certified Letters requesting validation of the alleged debt and to date, no response. A clear violations of the FCRA an d Federal Debt Collection Act.

Follow-up Remarks : The response from Portfolio Recovery is an outright avoidance by skirting their responsibility to be in compliance with FCRA ; not to mention PORTFOLIO RECOVERY may have committed fraud!

I have not ” with confidence ” never received any response from Portfolio Recovery to date ( see attached ). My past experience with PORTFOLIO RECOVERY is whenever I dispute this alleged debt, PORTFOLIO RECOVERY will remove from my credit files at once and then resurface a few months later!

Also I have noticed on my Credit Report are their attempts to obtain / access my credit reports ( over 120 attempts ) based on limited information with hopes of making a hit of the three rules debt validation. It ‘s because when I call them they keep asking for my ” FULL ” SSN ( last four digit is not enough for them to locate ” my file ” ).

Also, the attached statements has an address that I have never, ever had a residence nor have I ever lived there!

Once again, I demand proof this alleged debt is mine with proof of my signature and my Full SSN, not the last four digit of my SSN ( PORTFOLIO RECOVERY got the last four digit because of the requirement by CFPB and now illegally used this information to their advantage ).

Furthermore, to help you resolve this, I was not even living in the States during the timeframe as per the ” fabricated statements ”.

I demand CFPB should investigate / prosecute this firm ” Portfolio Recovery ” for fraud!

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