Attempts to collect debt not owed

Date opened/XXXX,2017 Transworld systems inc . Amount owed/XXXX Medical Original creditor/XXXX XXXX XXXX I was at the time with XXXX XXXX get my credit fixed right before I stopped there services I saw a change in my credit again this was a collection from trabsworld systems inc for the amount of {$780.00} XXXX XXXX had told me that it was a dentist office in XXXX XXXX called XXXX XXXX dentist that I had recently went to but I only paid XXXX for a bundle service they had. I had called the dentist office and explained to the lady what was going on she told me that I did not have any outstanding payments nor anything in collections. And that she didnt know who Transworld system inc was. I went on my XXXX report to dispute this action and the number that is given in the report thats suppose to be the creditors number is a false number and it belongs to a sweepstakes company. I had also this last week got a letter in the mail from this company but the letter had been written as I wrote it and it got sent back do to wrong address. I did not write the company my name is spelled wrong my street name is spelled wrong my social is on this paper and so is my signature but I did not sign this paper ( mind you this is all written as I wrote the letter to these people and I didnt ) when I try to put a desput in it wants a confirmation code. And thats the only thing stopping me from making this disput. And since this has happened I have had people in XXXX and across the country logging into my XXXX account my XXXX my bankaccounts. And the XXXX lady told me I had to go threw XXXX XXXX or another agency and XXXX them for there service to get this off … I am a victim of identity fraud I should not have to pay someone to have to get this fixed. Please help me ..!!!

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