Attempts to collect debt not owed

In early XXXX I re ceived XXXX emails from Best Buy advising me of XXXX orders. I did not purchase anything. I immediately called Best Buy to advise them that they were fraudulent. I also told them that since the orders were not shipped that they should cancel them. I was transferred to Citibank to report the situation. They advised me to cancel the card and they were to issue me a new one. He assured me that I would not be responsible for the charges. Two d ays later I received notice that XXXX of the XXXX items were shipped! Mistakenly I thought at that time it was handled. On XXXX XXXX I received a bill for these purchases. I immediately contacted Citibank and at that time the representative said she would start a claim. I guess the representative that took the original call did n’t properly deal with the issue. Now I receive collection calls every couple of days. On XXXX I called Citibank again and told them to stop the calls. I also complained on the Citibank social media page. The XXXX rep gave me a number to call and after speaking to two reps I was transferred to an answering machine where I was told someone would return my call in 24-48 hours . I have made several calls, emails, and messages. All I get is an endless trail of voice prompts and empty apologies. I have a credit rating of over XXXX . I do n’t want this to do any harm to that and need the phone calls to stop.

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