Avoid Winter Weight Gain All Year Long

Dump Your New Year’s Resolution (if you haven’t already). How many times have you decided to lose 20 pounds? How many times have you actually followed through? A healthy lifestyle is more important than a new year’s resolution. Make fitness and a healthy diet a habit. Habits are of course much easier to handle than sudden life changes.

Eat More Protein

While avoiding sweets with simple sugars and carbs a plenty, is not always an option, you can deter the storage of those carbohydrates into fat cells by eating protein. Protein ingested with simple sugars tends to lower the spiking of glycogen levels in the blood stream, ultimately lowering the ability of the body storing the carbs as fat. So during the season that you eat the most carbohydrates, feel a little smarter about your eating and really search out protein for your diet as well.

Don’t Stop Working Out

Time always seems to be at a premium. Errands, your kid’s soccer practice, work, and life’s other daily activities, often take priority over time for ourselves. Whatever you do, you can’t afford to stop working out. It is a very simple equation to compute. If you increase your caloric intake and decrease your workouts, your weight is sure to change in an unfavorable direction. Remember that you have to maintain your workouts throughout the year. If you let your metabolism slow by decreasing your workouts, then you’re setting yourself up for a disappointing spring and swimsuit season.

Use Your Friends For Support

Motivation does not always have to come from within-sometimes it comes from a friend at your door or on the phone looking for company while walking the dog, or catching a ride with you to yoga class. Group activities are the best way to exercise because they are so much more difficult to back out of. This year, when the family is in town, try to schedule a walk on the beach or a softball game to go along with the countless hours in front of the T.V.

Please note: Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

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