Banishing Cellulite on your Thighs!

That lumpy fat located on our thighs, hips and tushy is commonly known as cellulite. A word certain to bring tears to many. The reasons why cellulite appears are numerous, but the burning question remains: “HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?!?”

Since cellulite is fat, we need to attack it with exercise and eating right (this includes drinking a lot of water!). Here’s some of the best exercises for the thighs and buns that everyone can do to fight the ripples:

CARDIO! CARDIO! CARDIO! Get moving and melt the fat with walking, biking, swimming, hiking, etc.

Lunges: Standing straight up, take a giant step forward, allowing the back knee to lower towards the floor then press back up to the start position. Repeat several times, three sets on both sides.

Inner Thigh: Sitting down, simply place a pillow between your knees, squeeze, hold, then release. Repeat several times, three sets.

Outer Thigh: Stand behind a chair and hold on to the back, this can even be done at the kitchen counter. Keeping both knees slightly bent, take one leg out to the side, hold at the top, then release. Repeat several times, three sets on each leg.

Buttocks (Tushy): Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keeping your spine in place, lift your bum off the floor, squeeze at the top then lower back down. Repeat several times, three sets.

Please Note: Always consult a physician before beginning any excercise program

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