Beating Your Inner Critic


Sometimes your mlm business feel like noting is moving. Yesterday you were on a high and today everything seems dull and you cant be bothered to pick up the phone, or even talk to your online leads. What happened between then and now?

Perhaps you had a quitter and now you feel like all the hard work you put into getting this person was wasted. Right? Or else your best customer called you and announced she is no longer able to buy from you.

When setbacks like these happen we tend to blow them up and make a mountain out of a molehill. How do I know? Because I’ve done this myself. Many of times.

Something went wrong and I lost my momentum because I fell into a black hole of procrastination. What many of us dont realize is that this type of behavior does more damage to our business than the actual event that triggered it.

Every business experiences setbacks. Its the nature of running a business. The problem is when your business is still small. It is a lot harder to carry yourself forward when you desperately need the money. Once you have some measures of success, these setbacks become much easier to deal with because they dont affect us as much anymore.

Therefore it is essential for your own good that you beat your inner critic in those hard moments and keep pushing on forward. It really will get easier over time.

I also found that by giving myself small milestones to aim for in my early stages of business, it made the process easier too and less frightening.

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