Branding Your MLM Business

If you have a network marketing based business, how do you make yourself stand out amongst the crowd? After all, not only are you competing against other businesses, often times you are competing with others selling the same exact thing as you are.

Here’s the answer:

You set yourself apart through branding.

Branding means developing a personal brand that makes you unique and easily recognizable. Branding can include an elaborate marketing plan filled with designer logos and press releases, or it can take on a simple flair, implemented with ease and effectiveness.

Since I’ve never been one to just throw money at a problem, I’ll just take the simple approach. Here are some things you can do to set your brand:

Be consistent. If you make additions to your website, do it in a predictable fashion. For example always add your new material on a Tuesday morning. If you send emails or a newsletter to your down line, always do it at the same time.

Get your face out there. People don’t want to buy from a computer, they want to buy from a person. Use gravatars that have your real picture. Do you have an “about” page on your site? If so you had better get a picture up – a lot of visitors to your site land there through an about page. In no other business model is this more important than with MLM.

Use an email signature. Use a signature set up that is uniquely you and announces what you do and what web sites you own.

Us econsistent colors and fonts within any correspondence. Make it match your web site’s look and feel.

This article barely scratches the surface of branding. A good, definable brand is crucial to your success. It’s well worth the effort to do a little research and learn as much as you can about branding.

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