Business Owner Regains Control of Her Life Through Network Marketing

Family vacations

Several years ago Jean Wright thought she had it all figured out. She ran a very successful software research and development company while her husband, Ben, owned two law offices in Vancouver. She thought that by becoming her own boss, and by owning her own business, she could gain control of her life. But what she found was the complete opposite.

It was after being so bogged down with work, and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that Jean realized if she did not like the way she was living, she would have to change what she was doing. So the search began for something that would give her what she wanted-time.

Introduced to network marketing by their trusted friend, Andrew Scott, Jean and Ben soon joined. Before they knew it, weekly checks were coming to their home. “Once we realized these products worked, we felt it was our obligation to tell people about it,” Jean says excitedly. “That’s how strongly we feel about this company. It was not our intention to build this business-we simply wanted to use the products. But now it’s 100 percent our intention to do this well and tell more people about it.”

As far as having more time, Jean and Ben now take family vacations on a regular basis, something they previously never had time for. “It’s indescribable how our lives have changed since becoming part of network marketing.”

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