Calling Leads Is the Most Effective Thing You Can Do to Build Your Business

They Called You First!

Calling leads is the most effective and comfortable thing you can do to build your business. Why? Because they called you first! They called asking for help. They’re not asking for information, they’re asking for help! Asking for and giving information is logical, with little feeling. Asking for and giving help is subjective, full of feeling. And as we know, people make changes based mostly on feelings!

Now, would you hold back from talking with someone who is asking for help? Of course you wouldn’t! Feel the difference already? Be in this frame of mind when calling.

Calling Leads Is Hot Calling – Not Cold Calling!

Let’s put the record straight. Contrary to a popular Network Marketing myth, calling leads is not cold calling. Cold calling is when you call someone you don’t know and who is not expecting your call.

Calling leads is the hottest thing you can do because they invited you to call! So embody this in your thinking and establish a different truth.

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