Closing an account

In XX/XX/XXXX , I received an offer in the mail from Bank Of America to open a checking account and to set up auto deposit to earn a bonus offer of {$300.00}. I opened a checking account on XX/XX/XXXX on the computer. I set up XXXX auto deposits with my checking account number. In a few weeks, I received a letter from BOA about my account, a pin # and a debit card. Then, on XX/XX/XXXX I received a checking account statement saying that the {$25.00} that I had opened the account with had been withdrawn and my balance was XXXX dollars. I called the XXXX number on my statement and I was directed to the fraud department and then to the risk department. I was told by the risk department that my account had been closed and that I needed to open a new account. I was outraged. I expressed very clearly to the risk department that I had already set up XXXX auto deposits to this checking account and that I did not want to open a new account. I asked to speak to a manager and spoke to XXXX XXXX . in the risk department. He told me that I could not re-open the account that was closed and that I must cancel my auto deposits and open a new checking account. I told him that I did not want to do that and asked why my account had been closed in the first place. He said that he could not tell me why. I asked to speak to a manager above him and he told me that there was no one above him. He suggested that I go into a bank branch and ask to speak to the branch manager. I went into the local branch in XXXX XXXX , CA. that very day and asked to speak to the branch manager. I was told that her name is XXXX XXXX and that I could come back and see her on XX/XX/XXXX . I scheduled an appointment to meet with her and did so on XX/XX/XXXX . In that meeting, I told her that I had spoken to 5 BOA employees and not a single one had offered to give me my {$25.00}! XXXX XXXX told me that I should expect a check in the mail within 2 weeks. She also explained that the risk department at BOA is a separate department and that even she could not see why my account had been closed. She offered that I open a new account and I told her that I felt that I had been discriminated against and that my account had been closed and my money had been withdrawn without my consent and that I did not want to open a new account. I added that all of this had been done and no reason or explanation could be given. I told her that it was outrageous and that I was very offended. I explained that I had spent hours setting up my account, setting up the auto deposits, calling on the phone, coming into the branch and then coming back into the branch to meet with her and that I still was not being offered my {$25.00} deposit back, I was not being offered the {$300.00} offer that I was not allowed to do because they closed my account, or an explanation why I was being treated this way or an apology. She did apologize at that point and asked me if she could try and find out why my account was closed. I asked her why she had not done that before our meeting because I had let the bank receptionist know why I needed a meeting with her the day before. She could not say why other than it was hard to find out why accounts are closed. I asked to speak to a manager above her and she told me that she would have him call me and gave me his card. It is XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX did call me the next day, which was Saturday XX/XX/XXXX and he told me the same thing that XXXX had told me. I told XXXX XXXX that I can go bank anywhere but that BOA had solicited me to bank with them for a {$300.00} bonus and I did but the bank was not allowing me to earn the bonus because they had closed my account and without reason even though I have asked repeatedly and my money has not been returned to me. He explained that he would find out why my account was closed because he could do that in a limited way and that he would call me back on Monday XX/XX/XXXX . He asked me if I would like my account reopened if the reason for BOA closing my account was not anything serious. I asked him why that was not offered to me the first time I called BOA and he said that he was the only one who could offer that. I explained to him that I was already so upset with BOA and that I had closed my auto deposits, which took my time, but that I would think about it and let him know on Monday. I assured him that there was no legitimate reason for BOA to feel that I am committing fraud against them. I assured him that I have an excellent credit score and that I only opened the account with them for the {$300.00} offer. He explained that the only way he could still give me the offer was for me to reopen my account. I told him that at this point, BOA should offer me the {$300.00} because I tried to meet the terms in good faith and they had closed my account and that I wanted my {$25.00} back. He told me that he would call me on Monday and he never got back to me. I was so upset, I did not call him on Monday and I was unsure what I should do next. I waited for my {$25.00} to be sent in the mail. I still have not received it and yesterday I received another checking statement from BOA showing that I still have an open account with them with a XXXX balance. That is when I decided to file a complaint here with you.

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