Closing your account

I received a letter from Synchrony Bank date d XX/XX/XXXX , stating my 11 accounts ( Paypal, Chevron, Gap, Old Navy , Wal-Mart, XXXX , TJX, JCPenney, Walmart MC , Amazon, and XXXX ) were currently under review and my charging privileges were suspended.

Synchrony Bank requested that I sign and complete the enclosed IRS XXXX . Therefore, I signed and completed the IRS XXXX form and mailed it back to Synchrony Bank.

I received a letter dated XX/XX/XXXX , from Synchrony Bank stating my accounts were closed due to being unable to substantiate the income provided with the IRS.

HERE ARE THE FACTS : In XX/XX/XXXX , I signed and sent in form XXXX along with a copy of my marriage certificate, social security card, drivers license, as well as my non-taxable income pay stubs.

On XXXX / XXXX / XXXX , I received a letter from the IRS stating they were not able to provide the requested XXXX due to the name not matching. Also, I received a letter from Synchrony bank on that same date stating my accounts were closed due to my income not being substantiated with the IRS.

After numerous phone calls made to Synchrony Bank on XX/XX/XXXX , XX/XX/XXXX , XX/XX/XXXX , XX/XX/XXXX , and XX/XX/XXXX , I recei ved a return call from a representative. I explained my situation to the representative and she stated she would be mailing me out a new XXXX form in the name XXXX to sign. This was due to me writing my maiden name XXXX on the form, as my IRS tax return is filed in my maiden name ” XXXX . ” I explained to the representative that my IRS tax returns were filed in my maiden name, which is XXXX . She stated this will not be a problem. I also stated to the representative that I previously sent in my MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE as proof of my maiden name. She stated once the form was signed and mailed back, my accounts would be reopened.

Finally, on XX/XX/XXXX , I received a letter from Synchrony bank stating that I had to complete and re-sign the form XXXX . Therefore, I promptly signed the XXXX form and mailed it back to Synchrony bank.

As of XX/XX/XXXX , I have not received any correspondence regarding my second XXXX EZ form, and all of my accounts are still closed.

I have called on numerous occasions ( XX/XX/XXXX ) trying to resolve this issue, to no avail. I have not received a call back or any correspondence regarding the status of this matter. UPDATE After signing and submitted all requested documentation to Synchrony bank : two ( 2 ) XXXX forms ( one in XXXX ( maiden name ) and one in XXXX ( married name ) ) ; marriage certificate ; social security card ; XXXX Driver ‘s License ; proof of residency ; as well as proof of income ( non-taxable ), Synchrony bank still CLOSED all of my accounts ( 11 ).

Synchrony bank has wrongfully clo sed my 11 acc ounts. I currently have an income of {$71000.00} which I submitted proof ( substantiated ) ( {$29000.00} taxable ; {$42000.00} non-taxable ).

I am requesting an immediate re-investigation into this matter due to Synchrony bank wrongfully closing my accounts. I was ” misled ” by Synchrony bank into providing my private IRS tax transcripts to XXXX XXXX , only for them to close my accounts.

What Synchrony bank has done to me is illegal and unethical.and purposefully deceitful. As I have complied with all of Synchrony bank ‘s requests for verification, tax transcripts, etc. My concerns, comments, and complaints were completely ignored and every interaction was negatively escalated by representatives of Synchrony bank because they did not want to help me in the first place.

Synchrony bank is a ” poor ” representation of all brands affiliated with it. I wish to bring awareness to the lack of support and good business practices o f Synchrony Financial which reflect poo rly on these businesses. Synchrony bank has no morals, does not stand for the people, and is a terrible representation of American companies and brands.

In order to hold Synchrony bank accountable, I am requesting appropriate sanctions as seen suitable by CFPB be imposed on Synchrony bank. I am also requesting Synchrony bank reinsta te my 11 accounts immediately.

Thank you, XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX

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