Communication tactics

This has been going on for months. By example, from XXXX until today, a company called MS. Gerald, XXXX, XXXX has called 8 times.

Each time I pick up the phone and say hello, the call terminates.

Tonight I called there number back XXXX. The rep was not forthcoming demanding personal information from me while I was demanding the legal address and the name of the owner from him. Once provided, he advised that if I gave him more information that he would then transfer me to whomever was researching a collection debt.

My FICA is in the mid XXXX and I have no outstanding issues that I ‘m aware of.

It would appear that their tactics are to call and hang up until the consumer takes the initiative to call back and then can fall into some kind of trap providing additional personal information.

After a few expletives i hung up. I ‘ve not gotten any written advises or communications inquiring or informing me of a debt – period!

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