Communication tactics

First National Collection Bureau sent me numerous letters on behalf of the original debtor and a settlement offer which I accepted and PAID IN FULL XXXX weeks ago. I requested a letter of clearance be sent me and I was assured it would be sent in the postal service. I never received the letter.
XXXX weeks later, I requested the letter of clearance be sent via email and was assured it would be within XXXX hours. It was NOT.
I called XXXX today, XXXX/XXXX/2015 requesting it and was told it would be later today. It was end of business today when I called.
I am doubting whether the company even applied the payment to clear my debt or whether they are even legitimate.
I WANT THIS LETTER because it is listed on my credit report and I requested that XXXX XXXX and XXXX remove it after it was paid. It is still in my credit reports.
I do NOT have the letter of clearance to provide the credit bureaus and it is affecting my credit score negatively.

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