Communication tactics

The Professional Bureau of Collections agency have been very rude, disrespectful and abusive. From the first time they called I advised them that I had no problem paying the debt I owed but it had to be in realistic payments. I was flustered the first time they called, at my job, and immediately they said the only thing they could do for me was about XXXX every pay check ( biweekly ). I was worried they would call my job again because employee, XXXX stated ” I did not ask you if you wanted me to call your job, that is not an option ”, immediately after I advised her to please not call my job. At that point in time, I felt like I had no choice to make that unrealistic commitment of about {$600.00} bi weekly to stop them from calling my job. I called them back a week later, the day before I was getting paid, to advise them that I could not pay that amount and all I can realisticly do is {$50.00} this week and try to increase my amounts from here on out. They DEMANDED I pay more, and even asked if i could borrow. I told them no, they asked can I do {$1100.00} next check, I told them no most likely the {$600.00}. They replied ” how about {$800.00} ”, I told them no. They said then do {$300.00} tomorrow ( XX/XX/XXXX ) instead of {$50.00} and I said I told you I ca n’t. XXXX XXXX just contanstly went back and forth with me laughing and raising her voice multiple times mocking me that oh you can only do {$50.00}! I felt violated because she already violated FDCPA rules stating she can call my job ( this was said on the first phone call recorded with XXXX XXXX, the second call her manager stated the work number was removed ), taunting me because I can not make more of a payment, so after 20 min they finally told me I can do {$50.00} and {$600.00} next check. I told them I would like the payment to come out of another account and they said why am I changing payment information? I told them I want it to come out of another card and she started questioning me as if it was XXXX XXXX ‘s business why I am changing card information? I told her if you want your money, you need to pull it from this card and she ofcourse once again got an attitude with me, took the card information, then hung up without even letting me know everything is set. During the initial call on Friday XX/XX/2015 ( XXXX call were made between XXXX-XXXX ) XXXX XXXX violated FDCPA rules stating she can call my job even if I tell her not to. During the call on XX/XX/2015 at XXXX with XXXX XXXX, her manager, and XXXX XXXX which she stated was also a manager, were trying to pry ways to get more money out of me when XXXX multiple times as well as her manager which apparently was not available to get her name after she handed Ms.Wheeler back the phone. Her managers were very professional even those I told them I could not make unrealistic payments, only {$50.00}! XXXX XXXX was very disrescpectful that night questioning me multiple times when I was upfront and honest about paying them everything I owe, as soon as possible yet she was continued to be very disrectful and even at one point stating the manager is no longer available and I told her I can speak to another manager and she said there is only one manager and I said I can hold, then she put someone else on the phone who hesistated to say she was even a manager. I do not want them calling my job! Even thought XXXX XXXX ‘s managers said they would not and said my number was removed, XXXX XXXX told me I do not have an option so I want to ensure it has been removed and no contact is to be made! I do not want them contacting me other than through email or mail! I do not want them contacting any of my references either! I will set a realistic payment arrangement up with them but the direspect I receive over the phone is not acceptable so I feel more comfortable discussing over email or through mail.

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