Communication tactics

I have been trying to get my mortgage caught up with XXXX ‘s debt collection company for over two months, Dovenmuhle Mortgage Inc. Every time I speak with different people, I am told different things, I sent letters and no calls returned.I sent a modification package. Nothing done. I received a letter from attorney two weeks ago. I was told by law firm they ca n’t give me information. Call Dovenmuehle and they wo n’t give me info until I submit letter to reinstate, which I mailed on XX/XX/XXXX and submited by fax. Now I receive a letter from an attorney that they are foreclosing on my property even though I have tried to work with them to catch up my mortgage.Now I am having to do a Notice to Cure with XXXX County. XXXX/Dovenmuehle received my check and letter but not deny getting anything else from me!

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