Communication tactics

I incurred debt on a WalMart Mast Card. I have financial difficulties and XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX set up 6 months of payments at {$150.00} per moth for 48 months. They made me do this via automatic withdrawal from my bank account. I have to re-set this up every 6 months with new check numbers. Last month they took the {$150.00} with chk # XXXX. Then 3 days later they took another {$150.00} without my permission from WalMart ACH online. I repeat, I did not do anything online. I called my bank and filled out a form and I got my {$150.00} back. Now for this months payment on XX/XX/XXXX they took out {$150.00} again and it says WalMart MC ACH. There was no Chk # XXXX. So yesterday, I called the number given to me and after speaking with XXXX people I was told that my amount due was paid in full for this month and it should be fine. So, today I went online to my bank and saw that I was charged {$30.00} for NSF because they tried to take out another {$150.00}. After a long conversation with my bank. I decided to go ahead and pay ( the bank ) {$20.00} to stop them from trying to take Chk # XXXX again and another {$20.00} to stop future WalMart MC ACH withdrawals. I then called The WalMart MC Customer service number on the letter I get each month. and all the girl kept saying was that I was not enrolled in their automatic withdrawal. I then was transferred to another guy and I explained this all over again and he eventually put me on hold for a while. While on hold, the phone was picked up at two different times and they ended up hanging up on me! I am very frustrated. Each and every time I call they say that it is recorded for debt collection purposes. Is there some way I can be helped. I do not want to pay extra money that I do not have.

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