Communication tactics

The company had what they called ” locators ” call me non stop, these people demanded personal information such as address. They told me that if I did not call a certain number, they would be coming to my house to serve me papers. I called the number and they said there company was called Global. They told me that if I did n’t set up payment plans, they would not call off the locators and they would come to my home and serve my with legal papers that day. I was scared into setting up a payment arrangement. I lost my debit card, so when they went to process the second debit, it failed. I just received repeated calls from a number of only ” XXXX ” the voicemail left was threatening in nature..they said I only had hours to correct the error. They then said that if I did n’t fix this, The exact words were ” Good Luck ” They have called my job, and harassed my boss over this XXXX. This ca n’t be legal!

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