Communication tactics

I learned in 2013 a company named Calvary had filed a XXXX negative reports to the credit bureaus for a claim on XXXX and XXXX XXXX credit cards. I wrote and asked them about the reports, asked them to provide proof of a debt to which I was unaware, and to cease and desist. They mailed me statements that reflected fees and interest and otherwise gave no information. Apparently, then it was given to XXXX and XXXX and I wrote XXXX and XXXX and again inquired. Since my efforts, a suit was filed and a judgment granted, all without my knowledge even though they had my contact information and we were corresponding and talking by telephone, no one told me. I found out when my checking account began being garnished! This has caused me a great deal of stress and additional financial problems because of the garnishment. I may now have to file a bankruptcy! I need help getting the judgments repealed, the reports removed from my credit bureaus and my garnished money returned to me. This should never be allowed to happen to any American consumer. I believe these companies have acted illegally and in bad faith pursuant to Kentucky statutes of the Fair Consumer Act and the Federal Trade Commissions policies and ordinances.

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