Communication tactics

Hello, More than a year ago, I had a few expired tabs tickets with XXXX XXXX in Washington XXXX. This debt was sent to Alliance One, who then contacted my employer and garnished my wages.

I paid the total out of the first pay check I received after they corresponded with my boss and her assistant. {$300.00} was deducted from my paycheck, which was the total I was told that I owed. Today, I received a packet of documents in the mail saying that I had a court day in one month, in a town other than where I live and that I owed Alliance One {$140.00} more dollars. The break down for this amount is a {$12.00} filing fee, XXXX for postage/certified mail costs, {$100.00} for garnishment attorney fees and {$20.00} for other. Do they not have to explain what ” other ” is?

I had not previously received any notice that I owed more money, so the first contact about this amount, was court papers. This seems unfair, to charge me more money again, a year after we have settled and also unfair for them to send me court papers without even contact me first and giving me the chance to clear the situation up.

I XXXX do not make much money. I have been saving money to go to college and next week is my last week of work. Although to some people, {$140.00} is not much money, to me it is a significant amount of money. i am already stressed about the amount of money I have saved for school and this is an unneeded and inconvenient XXXX that I would have liked to have deal with a year ago.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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