Communication tactics

I was contacted by Benuck and Rainey who purchased a debt that I owed to XXXX. When I answered the call, it came from an unknown number and the caller said they have been trying to reach me about a debt I owe. I asked who he was with and he told me Benuck and Rainey. He then proceeded to tell me that they are a collections company that also handle litigation. I asked again, who are you and who are you with. He said, we are handling a debt and we are essentially a law firm who also handles collections. After looking them up, I found they are not in fact a law firm and he REFUSED to send me something in writing. He said they acquired my debt earlier this month and have already sent me a letter … which I said I did n’t receive. He refused again to send another letter and asked if I was ready to pay over {$7000.00}! I believe the initial loan I took out was around {$3000.00}, I had paid about {$3000.00} of the debt but because of the HIGH interest rate and late fees they claim have been added up, I owe another {$7000.00}.

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