Communication tactics

This company threatened to suspend my drivers license on an account that I have been paying monthly on for the last 2 years. I made XXXX payments via check in XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. Unfortunately the company did n’t receive the payments. I told them I would go online and pay the first payment, but my bank told me the other check had been cashed. I was waiting for the copy of the check and I was in constant communication with the company. I left several messages and told them that I would go online and make they payment. Every time I talked to them they threatened they were going to petition the court to suspend my license. I am a law abiding citizen and understand that this debt was my fault and I have been making restitution. To decided to take someone ‘s license away because they did n’t receive a payment or XXXX is ridiculous. I have been doing the right thing and should n’t be threatened when I was making payments. The debt was {$2400.00} when we started and it ‘s now under {$1000.00}. I have certainly been doing my part. This is n’t the first time I have had issues with the collection tactics of XXXX. Furthermore this company never notified me in writing that they would have the power to suspend my license if I was behind in anyway in my payments and when I told them they could n’t take my license away because they were a debt collection company, XXXX said they were a subrogation company and that was different. On all forms/statements it says they are a collection company trying to collect a debt. So what are they??? I have attached a copy of a statement showing how much I have left to pay on this account. Please help me!!!! This company should not be allowed to do business this way. Especially when someone is communicating with them in regards to the debt.

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