Communication tactics

On Monday XX/XX/2016 I received at phone call from IQ data at XXXX. The representative on the phone, named XXXX XXXX, notified me of a debt we owed to our apartments that we moved out of 3 months ago. Our apartment has never sent us a invoice of the charges, never did a final walk thru, nor have they ever even told us a total sum amount of what owed. XXXX XXXX then became very pushy and condescending, to get me to ” pay this debt today ”. I told him I will not be paying anything until I received an itemized ledger stating what every charge is, because the amount they said we owed was ridiculously high. He then got extremely rude and I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I was then transferred to XXXX XXXX, who also became very rude from the moment I spoke to her on the phone. she said, ” if I have my manager take his time to get off the floor and send you this invoice, you need to tell me you will take care of this debt today. ” I told her I would not agree to that, and I will not make ANY payment of any sort until I see this bill ; because I knew we were being over charged. She then said ” Ok, so you are refusing to pay?! ” I told her I have every intention of paying, but I will not pay a dime until i see the ledger because I know we are being over charged. She yelled something into the phone and transferred me to her manager without another word. The manager, XXXX XXXX, was respectful and said she will send out the ledger. I told her that from this point forward, I only wanted to speak with her.

Still having not received the ledger, I got a call from XXXX XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX stating ” I need to pay this debt ” and theres no reason why I should n’t have received the invoice. He got very pushy and disrespectful again so I hung up on him and called XXXX XXXX directly on her own extension. XXXX, again, answered the phone and began to harass me. He stated that I ‘m unwilling to pay this debt. He said ” there are plenty of people out there that can loan you money to pay this off, you are refusing to pay it. ” After I told him I did n’t want to speak with him, I called for XXXX XXXX he threatened me with a lawsuit. He stated ” We are filing a class action lawsuit against you! ” i told him that they do n’t even have the capability of doing that, which he replied back with ” you will see what we are capable of! “. Throughout this phone call he would bark out things like ” go get your debit card! ” or ” pay this debt! “. My husband is a XXXX veteran, he heard every word of these conversations and spent the remainder of the day needing to calm down.

XXXX XXXX finally got on the phone and was ” shocked ” by what I told her. Seems like this is a game of good cop, bad cop. She stated she will review the recordings with her manager. She also stated she put specific instructions on our file to have only HER contact us and that XXXX XXXX ” should not have been calling ” me and that maybe he ” missed that note somehow. ” The tactics of this ” company ” is disgraceful. Firstly, they refuse to send you an invoice unless you spend over an hour on the phone arguing with them, and ask to be transferred numerous times. I have still have not received this invoice. They are trying to buff their chests out and throw around empty threats to scare people into paying debts that they refuse to allow them to even see what they are paying for.

They clearly do n’t want people to see what they are paying for. They harass people into panic attacks, and threaten them. With the amount of complaints and lawsuits this company has, I ‘m shocked they have n’t been stopped!

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