Communication tactics

I did n’t know I owed University XXXX XXXX money. Once I realized that I owed their company money I made the effort to pay them off and was forwarded to Asset Recovery Solutions which is who University XXXX XXXX goes through for debt collections. I made an agreement with an Asset Recovery Solutions Representative where I could get my debt deleted form my credit report in writing after I completed my payments successfully. I met the terms of our agreement successfully, but has not received the later we agreed upon.

Instead I have been told Asset Recovery Solutions does not have my Social Security number or access to my name on file, and to contact University XXXX XXXX. I contacted University XXXX XXXX. I got a letter that said the debt was paid in full, but the letter said nothing about deleting my paid off debt from my credit report. Which is lying/manipulating me from the original agreement.

I even called University XXXX XXXX to talk to someone about this. I keep being told to contact Asset Recovery Solutions or I get transferred to department after department after department. I was told XXXX day the department who can help me does n’t want to take my call. I was even give a fake number of XXXX on XXXX XXXX at XXXX.

This is turning into a total nightmare! People want to take my tuition and scam me when I have done my part on a simple agreement!

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