Communication tactics

I received a call on Sunday afternoon via a recorded message for my ex husband ( of 5 years ) providing the number XXXX to call if I am not this person. He is happily remarried so I called to inform them that I ‘m not him and was able to identify they are Southwest Credit Services yet was told that they are not open – their normal business hours are M-F, and Sat. and I would have to call back then. Wait a minute! ~ They just called, woke me up from the only time I get to nap – gave me a number to call that required me to quickly find paper and pen to write with only to not be able to reach anyone? That is not fair and not good business practice. The recording says they are attempting to collect a debt gives an option to 1 ) make an automated payment, 2 ) gets normal business hours or 3 ) leaves a message for one of the representatives to return the call – but their internal system does n’t work – the call does n’t ever transfer to a representative like they say it will … then after about a minute and 12 rings, the end user gets a fast busy and the system hangs up. I DO N’T WANT ANOTHER CALL FROM THIS COMPANY!
So I decided to google Southwest Credit Systems to attempt to reach them and find out they provide a XXXX and XXXX XXXX. XXXX # XXXX XXXX TX XXXX. I call the XXXX # and although they flip the prompts – select XXXX for a representative, the internal system does the same thing that the XXXX # does … which is ring for an extended period of time without transferring … I ‘m not sure what needs to be done – but I was supposed to hit a key ( I ca n’t remember what the prompting was during the original call from this company but if it was a XXXX or XXXX if I WAS XXXX XXXX ) – but because I did n’t and followed their rules, I now run the risk of getting called back.

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