Communication tactics

I have received repeated daily phone calls from XXXX with ” Nationwide Debt Management Solutions ” at XXXX. I spoke with her the first time she called and informed her I can not receive personal calls at work. She refused to tell me who the original creditor is. I told her if I was disputing the validity of any debt with them and she needed to send proof to my home address. I also provided her with my cell phone number. She continues to make repeated, frequent, and harassing calls to my workplace. She has contacted several of my co-workers and my manager. She has been numerous times to stop calling my place of business and refuses to do so. If someone answers and asks her what it is about she refuses to say, only stating that she needs to speak with me about a personal matter. If they say I am unavailable, she yells ” RUDE! ” and hangs up. in addition, because one of my co-workers would not transfer the call to me, she called another co-worker asking to speak with their manager so she could discuss their lack of professionalism on the phone. The person who spoke with her simply told her I was unavailable.

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