Communication tactics

I had a debt with XXXX I had been paying. I had a car accident and became temporally XXXX with a XXXX and was off work for a long time. I finally got back on my feet but have some medical issues with some things that I need help with still. XXXX sold my debt to XXXX who I had been paying until I could no longer. Then they got Weber and Oclese to recover a large amount from me. I started paying on the debt in XXXX 2015 again. I asked them to accept what I could pay and I would try and pay them often until the debt was paid. They kept telling me to call. I did not wish to call because I need everything in writing. I continued to pay, and got a receipt from them thanking me for a payment of {$25.00}, {$100.00}, {$32.00}, {$12.00} payments starting in XXXX with an explanation BUT THEY STILL CONTINUED TO serve me with a summons. I kept paying and kept asking them to drop it and work with me on a plan. They ignored my requests after I told them that I could not pay a large amount and even though I was paying, they proceeded with got a garnishment with my local court and theirs to now lock onto my tax return even though I paid the debt in full! Now they say I owe them {$480.00}!

The date of the first summons was XXXX. I had started in XXXX paying on this debt.I have submitted several receipts and continually asked if they would drop a pending summons of wage garnishment because I had been injured in an auto accident and was trying to get back on my feet. I have since found several medical problems from my injuries. I have other bills to pay but had also been trying to pay them. The requests went ignored and they kept telling me to call. Since I had a XXXX in the accident I got help with figuring out my finances. I could not call them because I get confused easily so my father had filed a complaint. It went ignored and they accused my father and mother of filing the complaint. They proceeded with a garnishment not only of my tax return but a judgement ruining my credit, even though I was paying on and paid it IN FULL OF {$440.00}. now say I owe them $ XXXX only had the {$440.00} and that is all it said on the website to pay.

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