Communication tactics

Enhanced Recovery of XXXX, Florida XXXX XXXX XXXX, FL XXXX has been repeatedly calling my home claiming i owe a XXXX bill of XXXX from XX/XX/XXXX. I explained that i was a sprint customer since XX/XX/XXXX and my same account from them is still active. The person then stated the debt was from XX/XX/XXXX and I am like that ‘s 15 years ago and regardless if it was my account or not, the statue of limitations has expired. The person told me they were not a 3rd party debt collector and I told him then you work for XXXX? no comment.
They never at anytime in the last 15 years put it on my credit nor has XXXX ever been on my report either. This a white collar scam!!

I asked him to stop calling me and he said they will just keep calling so i hung up. They call at least twice a week and this must stop. They have never sent any mail nor registered / certified mail to my address which i did confirm with them. Please Help me!!!

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