Communication tactics

XXXX XXXX called several times from an unknown number and said he was going to come to my place of work or home to serve me court papers if I did n’t call NCR,XXXX I called the number got no answer the next day a block number called me saying he was XXXX XXXX from NCR. I called the number back a lady answered but only said hello no company name or anything, she seemed nervous. XXXX XXXX got on the phone and said he was trying to collect XXXX for a debt. After talking with XXXX at NCR several times he said he had no idea who this XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX is. The XXXX time I spoke XXXX XXXX explaining to him that I spoke with the debtor and they gave me the name of the of the collection agency and it was not XXXX or National Check Resolution. I asked XXXX XXXX who they purchased my account from and he kept insisting the original debtor. I told him no, that I already spoke with them and I was waiting on the Collection Agency who they gave my account to return my call. XXXX got angry and said I had till XXXX XXXX XXXX to get back to him or the courier service would serve me! I said you told me you have no idea who the are?? He the hung up on me!

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