Communication tactics

I am being contacted by a collection company. I was at home when the call came in today. I answered. They told me who they are and they are trying to collect a debt for over {$3000.00}. They say I took out a loan with XXXX something, I ca n’t remember what the XXXX word was. I have never taken a loan out with this company.

I asked if it could have been through someone else years ago and the contract was bought out. The original caller said I do n’t know and transferred me to legal. I again told her that I had never taken a loan out with that company. What company did they buy the contract from. She started telling me they have something from XXXX XXXX?. I said that ‘s not what I ‘m asking. I want to know who I owe. I ‘m not just going to send you money. I asked her if they have anything with my signature on it. She started telling me I owe XXXX XXXX. Again, I asked her do you have anything with my signature on it?

Her response, ” Go to court! ” and then she hung up. I ‘m not sure what I ‘m supposed to be going to court for.

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