Communication tactics

I am a single mother and my son was in and out of the hospital from XXXX due to breathing related issues. As a single mother, I found it increasingly challenging to provide the financial means necessary to care for him outside of my standard monthly cost of living. Unfortunately, I do not get assistance from my son ‘s father for his care and upbringing. This lead to some medical bills being forced into collections- some that I had no idea I owed on. Not only did CMRE have an address on file for me that is not even mine, your customer service representatives threatened me and refused to even work with me.

I attempted to call CMRE today twice to offer payment in full for deletion, which I know is something that can be offered. I initially spoke with a man named, ” XXXX ” who was rude and lacked listening skills. He treated me horribly and said it was ” his choice not to remove the record from my credit reporting ” and then threatened me that if I were to call back, ” I could speak to no one else but him. ” When I asked for a supervisor he informed me they were unavailable and refused to keep me on hold, noting that I was ” taking up his phone line. ” When I refused to hang up, he hung up on me! This is what you call customer service?

I called back and he had locked my account and I had to sit on hold for over 15 mins while a very nice young lady attempted to get me to a supervisor. While on hold with her, my phone rang through with a supervisor on the line from CMRE. She noted that the ” pay for delete ” option ended last year and that the company would not be willing to assist me- therefore, I could pay bills that I had no proof I owed, or allow them to wait their 7 years to fall off my credit. One account is from XX/XX/XXXX and the statute of limitations has completely run out on that one. CMRE has yet to prove I owe this debt and I called the original creditor ” XXXX XXXX ” and they can not even find the other bill from XX/XX/XXXX!

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