Communication tactics

Received a call from a person representing PayPal Credit. Was immediately attacked by the representative about the number of voicemails they have left on my phone, at which time I notified her that was impossible as my phone does not have voicemail set up. Which she then acknowledgeed that I was correct. She continued to explain that payment has not been made for XXXX or something to that affect and at XXXX today they would be taking legal action, if I did not make a payment ” right now. ” I informed her that my wife handles the account, at which poinnt she stated rather aggressively, ” WELL IT DOESN ” T APPEAR ANYONE IS HANDLING THE ACCOUNT! ” I told her if she continued to talk to me in this fashion I would be hanging up, at which point she appeared to be gearing up for another round of attack and I hung up on her. This all occurred at about XXXX on XXXX.

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