Communication tactics

I am a small business owner of a XXXX. I have been doing business with a particular vendor for about a year, since I have been open. I have fallen on hard times and have not been able to make payments on my invoices, by the same token, I still have a lot of the shoes still sitting on my shelf. I finally had a little bit of money and was willing to pay in good faith, as well as negotiate taking back some shoes ; however, yesterday afternoon, a man by the name of XXXX ( it keeps changing ) from the Contract Resolve Group called my store and proceed to harass my employee. I was not even aware that my account was going to collection, let alone have to deal with such inhuman behavior. This gentleman has spoken some of the most vulgar things I have ever heard. IN addition he has called my store at least XXXX times in the last 24 hours. Today it got so bad that we had to take the phone off the hook ( and we are a place of business so how practical is this ). He has threatened legal action and has even started calling my other job ( I am a XXXX ). His email are also harassing and his calls are outside the XXXX XXXX call window. I am at my wits end. All I want is to deal with my original vendor and come to some sort of agreement. This gentleman is scary and dangerous. I refuse to deal with someone who exhibits such unprofessional behavior. I am contacting you because I am hoping you can help me. I have contact the BBB ( which has already recorded XXXX complaints similar in nature against this company ).

I am not a dead beat, just a small business owner with some financial difficulties because of a slowdown in business. I would appreciate and would be indebted to you if you could do something about this situation. Thank you so much!

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