Communication tactics

I called Renton Collections bc I saw a negative reporting on my credit report. After being placed on hold and transferred numerous times, a gentlemen told me what it was for. He said he couldn’t accept my XXXX month minimum payment and they do not offer settlements. So he said he needed to transfer me to another person that I could talk to. This persons name is XXXX. She immediately asked why I was calling her and I told her I was transferred to set up a payment plan. She then told me XXXX/month. I told her that I’m unable to pay that much at the time and she started yelling at me saying obscene names. She said that it wasn’t her XXXX problem that I couldn’t pay it and what a loser I was. I asked what her XXXX name was and she said that it was none of my XXXX business. I then asked to speak to her boss and she said was the boss. So I asked if I could speak to someone above her. She said she was the boss and that my broke XXXX needs to pay the bill or shes threating garnishment today. I said what if I file bankruptcy? She said not if I beat you XXXX and hung up the phone. Ive never been treated so horribly to try and pay a bill!

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