Communication tactics

I have received phone calls from Regional Acceptance four to five times a day! Sometimes even more than that. Over the past few days they have called at least twenty times and from several different numbers. This includes calling and hanging up right after. They even called me 4 times within an hour! I ca n’t answer the phone most of the time because I ‘m at work. They will call all the time. I ‘m behind on my bill but they did n’t honor an agreement made. I made a payment recently online and saw that they are still charging me for XX/XX/2016. I have paperwork stating that it is pushed to the back of the loan. I have had harassing calls in they past from Representatives, supervisors, and managers alike. It got so ridiculous I had to speak to a branch manager. This company is very unprofessional and they do not honor their agreements. I ‘m a single parent and had to deal with many hardships when I got my vehicle financed through this company. I have tried my hardest to play catch up but XX/XX/XXXX I took a pay cut. When trying to pay up my balance XX/XX/2016 that also became another issue with multiple problems. I kept getting quoted different amounts and no one could give me a straight answer. They tried taking a payment and it did n’t go through. When I called to find out how I could resolve the issue they said oh just pay x amount and then I wo n’t have to pay XX/XX/XXXX. Completely differen again from what I was told days before. And I did pay. Now they are n’t keeping their word. I do n’t trust this company or the workers there. I do n’t know what to expect while I ‘m on the phone with them. Majority of the time I ‘m met with hostility and do n’t feel comfortable speaking to anyone there.

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