Communication tactics

I have a personal loan with Tower Loan of XXXX XXXX, MO. It has been a nightmare since. Not only were there harassing calls on my cell phone by a woman who used threats, and very aggressive tone, but it was all because of a mistake on their end because they had my name spelled incorrectly and were not allocating the payments right. payments were being made monthly. I would get an apology, then the next day more aggressive voice mails because she ” forgot ” about our conversations.
Now, a year later, i have changed jobs, one reason being is the harassing phone calls at work. They would have me paged over an intercom system that is used across the entire facilities campus, but if they could not contact me, they asked for my manager. I was called into his office, where at the time i was working on a promotion and was verbally warned about receiving personal calls at work. This was after several times of telling this company they can not contact me at work.
After that verbal warning, my promotion that i had been working on all year was a shot in the dark. The level of credibility and professionalism was lost between myself and my manager.
I then decided i need to move on from that company, i had been embarrassed.
I have been working at my new place of employment ( career move with promotion ) for only 2 months. XXXX.
There was a lapse of approx 2 months without a payment due to the job change and time between paychecks.
I received a surprising call from Tower Loan on my work number while sitting with my new manager doing systems training. I dont even know how they got it. im not hiding from them, but i had not put it out there either. i am not only in another city but another state. At that time i told Tower Loan that i am NOT ALLOWED TO RECEIVE PERSONAL CALLS AT WORK. i went into the office, caught up on payments ( XXXX thats 3 payments ) and it has only been a few weeks and i have now received 6 calls on my cell phone and 2 calls on my work phone!
I have already discussed options to have this loan transferred to another branch, but their business practices need to be brought to your attention. They also have an assumption that i owe double what i do, but they can not prove it, he just says … my computers math cant be wrong, but will not show it to me.
This is absolutely unacceptable and i wish i never accepted their loan. i was not even that desperate at the time, it was to pay off a medical bill who were not even harassing me.

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