Communication tactics

Yesterday I received 3 calls from a debt collector ( XXXX XXXX XXXX ) stating that they were a law firm attempting to collect a debt. This is after a conversation I had the previous day ( different customer service agent/paralegal ) requesting an email with their original correspondence as I had recently moved. I did not receive this email.

They called at XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX, and XXXX XXXX ( yes I have the EXACT time, and the calls came to my employer ).
During the first call the man refused to give me his name and literally YELLED at me screaming, ” YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, YOU JUST NEED TO PAY IT. STOP TRYING TO BUY TIME!!!! ” All I asked for was a copy of the original correspondence in regards to the debt that was sent to me. I asked for them to email this letter so that I could review it ( I mean who makes legal decisions without seeing something in writing? ) and he yelled, ” SO WHAT ARE YOU GON NA DO?? IF I SEND YOU THIS EMAIL I WILL GIVE YOU 30 MINUTES TO READ IT AND I WILL CALL YOU BACK. STOP TRING TO BUY TIME! YOU ” RE XXXX PAY THIS!!!! ” Needless to say, I then hung up the phone. I was at my place of employment getting yelled at by a stranger that refused to provide the correct documentation in regards to the debt, and was yelling commands over the phone. They also threatened legal action and wage garnishment, and would not let me speak AT ALL.

During the second call he called and said, ” SO WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL?!? ” No hello, no can I speak so so-and-so or anything. I gave him the email and he began to yell again. ” SO WHAT ARE YOU GON NA DO? YOU NEED TO PAY THIS NOW! YOU HAVE 30 MINS TO READ THE EMAIL AND I AM CALLING YOU BACK TO ASK YOU HOW YOU ‘RE GON NA PAY!!! ” I kept saying ( in a very low and calm voice because I am at work ) to ” Please stop calling my job. ” He kept speaking over me and would not allow me to ask questions, so yes, I hung up.

The third call went ignored. Did I mention hat they left a message on my SUPERVISOR ‘S voicemail???? This is where it must end. I do n’t care if someone owes XXXX or $ XXXX, there is no reason to yell and harass them at their place of employment. This company has crossed the line. I sent a cease and desist letter via email, AND CERTIFIED MAIL and received yet 2 other phone calls this morning.

So technically there are XXXX issues:1 ) Frequent or repeated calls2 ) Used abusive language3 ) Threatened to take legal action4 ) Called after written case of communication notice.

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