Communication tactics

I have an account that was placed with Midland Credit Management for an XXXX credit card. On XX/XX/2017, I set up an arrangement with Midland to pay off the debt via an automatic charge of {$9.00} per month for 120 months. I have the letter here stating that they agree to these terms and conditions.

I receive on average 4-6 calls every day concerning this debt from Midland Credit Management. It has surpassed the point of harassment.

Today, I decided to call back and ask, ” What do you want!? “. I was informed by my ” Account Manager ” that my account was in the pre-legal status and that he would not guarantee that my account would ” stay in his department ”, which one would only assume, based on the stated status of my account, that it would be transferred to their legal team or a lawyer. I asked him if he was stating that they were no longer willing to accept my written agreement, and he stated he would not confirm nor deny, but that my account was in the Pre-Legal status and the only way that I would be guaranteed that it would not be sent to another department is if I made minimum {$100.00} per month payments.

I consider this a threat to pursue legal action on an account that I am actively paying on, and am also harassed by them on a daily basis.


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