Communication tactics

I was contacted on XXXX by a company called XXXX. I asked what this was concerning and they said it had something to do with Legal Papers. I asked what type of company Kirkland Management was. They said they did not know. I was contacted the week prior by XXXX XXXX also. At that time, I did not disclose who I was and said I was a Friend of mine answering a phone call. They said I was to call XXXX for more info. I asked them as a 3rd party what it was concerning and they said it was a Judgement in a XXXX Court. Disclosing info such as this to an assumed 3rd party is illegal to my knowledge per the FDCPA, as is saying it concerns Legal Papers to a 1st party. I called Kirkland Management. The person that answered the phone was named XXXX. I asked XXXX what this was concerning. He did not give the company name or tell me they were a debt collection service upon answering. I asked what the Judgement in A XXXX court was about. He asked if I had a case ID. I said I did not. He verified my birthday and said the ID # was XXXX. He then put me on hold for XXXX minutes. At that point, XXXX answered. He told me the call was being recorded for quality assurance and that this was an attempt to collect a debt and that all info will be used for that purpose. He asked for the last four numbers of my SSN. I apprehensively gave them to him. I asked what was the Judgement in a XXXX Court was about. I asked if he knew that saying there was a Judgement in a XXXX Court was illegal per the FDCPA. He acknowledged that he knew that. We went back and forth over this and I told him that today they said it concerned Legal Papers. He would acknowledge this as being an illegal tactic also. I informed him that as a representative of Kirkland Management that it is as if Kirkland Management said it to me. He asked me if it was a recording or if I spoke to someone directly. I informed him I spoke to a person. His reply was ” Wow! “. He said he would have liked to have heard what they said. I assured him that is what they said. He said he was n’t calling me a liar, but again, would have liked to hear them say that. I told him I was filing a complaint with the FTC over these two issues. We went back and forth for a few more minutes before the call was terminated. Before hanging up, I told him not to call this number and that if they wanted to contact me, that they would have to do it through the mail. He said OK. I did record this call, but must buy the whole version of the app to do so. I will buy it when I get my next Social Security Check in XXXX.

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