Communication tactics

I lost my job on XXXX XXXX. as a result I was 4 months behind on making my payment. I communicated every month with Capital One each step. I found employment and advised them I would make a payment on XXXX XXXX, due to I get paid once a month on the XXXX of each month. I later advised I would call the following Monday and verify my true pay date, because the XXXX fell on a weekend. I called and confirmed I would pay on the XXXX. It was also during this call that I was advised that I my next XXXX payments would be the amount XXXX plus XXXX half of XXXX payment to keep my account current. XXXX a total of XXXX. I believed everything was in order. However this is when the issues first started. After I made the arrangement to pay the double payment. I started getting excessive calls from the company. I would thank them and repeat to them to please look at the notes on the account. each time, the phone collectors would agree they see the notes. Yet this inconsistency started. XXXX agent told me that I would have to agree to allow them to set up a payment arrangement on the account. I said no problem. However, they also informed me at that time, I had to make the payment within a XXXX day window due to their system would n’t allow me to make a payment arrangement. Again, no problem. I informed them I would call back on XXXX XXXX or XXXX to make the agreement. Yet. I still continued to get calls. asking if I was prepared to make the payment. No one seemed to be aware of the payment arrangement unless I brought it up. Finally, I received XXXX call from an agent who was very rude. He informed me that I had to secure the payment ( basically I had to give them my payment information over the phone and they would debit the account on the XXXX of XXXX XXXX. He stated that my account would be going into foreclosure. And if I went into foreclosure the department may request all the money due at XXXX time. I explained to him, I was doing as I was told and waiting for the XXXX of the month to call and make the arrangement. However, I did n’t want my account to go into foreclosure so I agreed and allowed him to take the secure payment over the phone.
Since that time, I have been told that my agreement to pay XXXX was not valid, I was not XXXX months behind. I was four months and would need to pay XXXX for the next four months to be current. I again, agreed to the XXXX. Only to continue with calls reminding me of the balance I owe on the account. And that no agreement is on the account unless I can secure a payment. So here we go again. Today, I spoke with an agent who told me I owe XXXX ( this is only two months behind. Confused, so why am I having to pay XXXX for the next four months if I ‘m only two months behind? This is very stressful, the inconsistency is not ideal for any business practice. If the agents do not know the correct process, why should I the consumer have to be frustrated during the process! I have spoke to countless agents on the account, some seemed to be understanding while others are trying to pressure me into securing a payment.

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