Communication tactics

On XXXX XXXX, 2017 @ XXXX XXXX, I received a call at work from XXXX. I answered and a man gave his name ( coulnd’t understand ) and the company FMS XXXX Solutions . He proceeded to inform me that I owe XXXX $ for XXXX ( my previous apt ) He asked if I was aware of this. I said, no, I ‘m suprised you are calling because I was in a dispute of sorts with the office about this several months ago and had heard nothign more from them since XXXX. He proceeded to get very rude with me and said ” You signed a LEASE. ” I could not get a word in edgewise and he loudly yelled, ” What makes you think you are different from anybody else?!?! ” I said, Sir, I ‘m going to speak to someone more appropriate on this matter. ” and I terminated the call.

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